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If you have a more specific question about coal, coal delivery or coal appliances, please do not hesitate to call 1-800-249-4483 or send us an Email.

▶ Do you have any schematics for a coal bin by any chance?

Why, yes actually. We do! Click here for a coal bin building plan.

▶ Heating Conversion Chart

BTU Unit
Coal 26,000,000  1 ton
Hard Wood 26,000,000  1.3 chord
Oil 26,000,000  188 gallons
Wood Pellets 26,000,000  1.6 tons
Waste Oil 26,000,000  208 gallons
Propane 26,000,000  284 gallons
Natural Gas 26,000,000  260 terms
Electricity 26,000,000  7618 KwH
Sources: US Department of Energy & Biomass Energy Foundation

▶ How large is the supply of coal in the United States?

Quality anthracite will be around for several hundred years.

▶ Where does our coal come from?

All of our coal comes from the USA in Eastern Pennsylvania.  You can read about our coal.

▶ What is the conversion of BTU output to square footage for coal?

There is no good estimate as there are many variables that go into heating a home, but a rough estimate is approximately 50 BTU to 1 square foot.

▶ How big of a coal bin do I need to hold 1 ton of coal?

One ton of anthracite coal takes up approximately 40 cubic feet of space.  Click here for coal bin plans.

▶ What are some advantages to burning coal?

  • Coal has a long lasting burn time
  • Coal is less work than wood
  • Coal has the most efficient BTU output
  • No creosote, which causes chimney fires

▶ What does my existing wood stove need to burn coal?

Shaker Grates and a Secondary Air Intake.

▶ What are the different sizes of coal?

coal sizing chart
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